Corporate Flowers

Guide to Corporate Gifts & Flowers

1.1 How do I know my colleague will appreciate flowers?

This is always a risk you’re going to have to take, buying flowers for somebody who isn’t your partner. Whether or not they’ll like the flowers themselves, they will appreciate your thought and goodwill. Because of the occasion, which will typically be their promotion, leaving, engagement, or any personal achievement, the point is that they’re own colleagues have gone through the effort to show some praise.

1.2 What type of fresh flowers are best suited for an executive environment?

Colour matching in this case is more important than the species itself. Even then, corporate bouquets tend to be arranged in a manner that suits all backgrounds and occasions. Your online florist will generally be more than glad to meet your requests and needs.

Frangipani, iris, lilies and orchids are popular choices as in full bloom they are incredibly elegant. Most florists have a choice of up to 30 different corporate arrangements, so you may browse through and choose whichever appeals to you most.

1.3 Are other gifts appropriate alongside flowers?

Yes – alcohol, typically Wine can be a classy gift, although remember that not everybody drinks. Even if they don’t, it’s still a gesture of thought and goodwill, and they will likely know somebody they can pass the wine along to.

If you’re buying for the individual, a bouquet or vase of flowers with an optional gift is recommended. If you’re buying for the corporation or staff however, a basket or hamper of gifts is ideal as the team can share the treats and snacks inside.

1.4 Will the flowers wilt and litter the office?

The flowers will eventually begin to fade but they will not litter their petals. If you’re concerned that the flowers won’t be cared for, or you simply would like something which last longer, consider buying silk flowers. While they last practically forever, they are more expensive and might only be worth purchasing if you also work in the office, since you can personally appreciate them as well.

Silk flowers are ideal secretary flowers, since they are low maintenance and are visible to not only the staff, but guests, clients and associates.