Gerberas Flowers

Guide to Gerbera Flowers

  • 1.1 – What does the gerbera flower symbolise?
  • 1.2 – What occasions are best to give gerbera flowers as a gift?
  • 1.3 – How long do gerberas live and bloom for?
  • 1.1 What is the meaning of the gerbera flower and what do they symbolise?

    Gerbera’s are a relatively new flower which have only truly grown to popularity over the past two decades. Their meaning and symbolisation is similar to that of the daisy and sunflower, which is not surprisingly because they are closely related species of flowers. The Gerbera symbolises:

    • Cheerfulness: If gerberas are the most popular flower in the world, love is the most popular emotion they send to the person receiving a gerbera. For extra passionate effect, make sure there gerbera is red. If you’re trying to tell the person you’ve fallen in love with them or you have love at first sight, consider a lavender or purple gerbera.
    • Longevity: To a long, prosperous life – Gerberas themselves are grown in consistent, perfect condition and last longer than the average flower.
    • Friendship: Some flowers represent romance, others represent friendship. Gerberas are generally deemed fun and non-romantic.
    • Luck: A symbol of good fortune. Gerberas can mean different things depending on their colour, which has about as many variations as a painting colour chart.

    1.2 What occasions are best to give gerbera flowers as a gift?

    Gerberas are often used for celebratory, cheerful occasions, including:

    • Congratulations: Has someone close to you recently achieved something notable that calls for a celebration? Acknowledge their achievement, whether it be as simple as a promotion at work or as life changing as a new baby with a freshly bundled gerbera arrangement.
    • Get Well Soon: Let someone know how much you care and think about them by sending or bringing them a healthy bunch of gerberas.
    • Thanking a friend: Do you feel the need to express your thanks without coming off as romantic? Gerberas act as the ideal non-confrontational, cheerful and friendly flower. Mix a variety of colours for extra effect.

    1.3 How long do gerbera from a florist live for?

    Depending on the storage and maintenance conditions, cut gerbera flowers can live up to 14 days in ideal conditions. Ensure that they are exposed to full sunlight and regularly watered.