Anniversary Flowers

Guide to Anniversary Gifts & Flowers

1.1 Should I give flowers for his/her anniversary?

Flowers are without a doubt one of the most safe, simple choices appreciated openly by most women and appreciated secretly by men. While there are specific flowers which symbolise how long you have been together, or represent a specific emotion you feel for your significant other, anything bright, colourful and large will do.

You might also want to consider adding chocolates, wine or other miscellaneous gifts which florists typically offer as extras to make it an extra special occasion.

1.2 Are flowers an appropriate anniversary gift for men?

Traditionally, gifts and flowers from a florist are most suited towards women. Men can appreciate flowers but generally prefer a gift more practical. Both genders are capable of appreciating flowers, though to ‘test the water’, give another gift along with flowers and gauge his reaction to determine whether or not flowers are an appropriate gift for future anniversaries and occasions.

1.3 How can I remember my partner’s anniversary?

If you’re a bit forgetful, we’re fortunate to be in the age of mobile phones – simply set a reminder a week or so before your parter’s anniversary date to remind yourself. Most modern phones also have the option to set a recurring reminder again; you won’t even have to remember to remember to set a reminder come next year!

1.4 How do I know what type of flowers to get?

This can be a bit difficult. If you are absolutely oblivious to which flowers they like, consider:

  • Going with their favourite colour: You can ask them this without rousing any suspicion.
  • A symbolic flower: See’s list of anniversary flowers for a specific flower for each year you’ve been dating/married for, such as Pansy for a 1st year anniversary and Geranium for a 4th year anniversary.
  • Trial and error: Start with a popular species of flora such as roses or tulips. Cross it off your list if they don’t appreciate them.
  • Ask their friends & family: Somebody who’s known your partner for a long time may have found out somewhere in the past what their favourite flower or gift is. This can be an extra large surprise as well, providing the person doesn’t tell your partner you asked them!

1.5 How can I make sure my anniversary flowers get delivered on time?

Most florists have money-back guarantees these days along with ‘same-day delivery’. However exceptions and mistakes can happen, so it’s always better to order at least a week in advance and schedule the delivery nice and early.

1.6 What are some romantic anniversary ideas?

If you’e after the maximum romantic effect, consider the following scenarios to send your bouquets or arrangements:

  • Send flowers to their work: This is bound to catch them off guard, and they will feel a mixture of glee, pride and embarrassment receiving a hefty delivery of flowers infront of their colleagues.
  • Have the waiters bring out the flowers: Your partner will be happy enough you’ve taken them out to a romantic dinner – take it a step further by having the staff carry out her bouquets and/or gifts. Most restaurants will be happy to comply with your request if you contact them in advance with your booking.
  • A coupon booklet: Fill out a little booklet or notepad filled with favours for your partner such as ‘Free massage’, ‘Free late-night pick up’ and ‘Free night off’.
  • Thought can compensate for cost: You don’t necessarily have to spend money. It’s the easy and quick way out, but if you’re on a budget or feel like creating something yourself, sentimental value is priceless. Try finding magazine headlines which spell out a love message, cut them up, then make them arrange it to find the hidden message. Write a list of all the things you are thankful for that they do for you.