New Baby Flowers

Guide to New Baby Gifts & Flowers

  • 1.1 – Are there any flowers best suited for celebrating a new baby?
  • 1.2 – What flowers and gifts should I bring for a new baby boy?
  • 1.3 – What flowers and gifts should I bring for a new baby girl?
  • 1.1 Are there any flowers or ideas best suited for celebrating a new baby?

    Traditional bouquets are always appreciated and welcomed, but consider a few of the following ideas for a unique gift that will remain sentimental and special for years to come:

    • Frame their Birthday Flower: Fresh flowers only last a couple of weeks – for a gift which lasts forever, find out the newborns birthday flower, have it professionally framed with a caption of the baby’s name and birthday. It makes for excellent memorabilia for the parents.
    • Silk Flowers: Modern silk flowers look increasingly genuine with each advance in manufacturing. If the parents or yourself are concerned about allergens and bacteria from real flowers, artificial flowers may do the trick, and can be repositioned and displayed throughout the home afterwards.
    • Birthday flower: There is a flower assigned to not only each birthmonth, but each individual birthdate. See our section on birthday flowers for more info.
    • Spring flowers: Spring represents new born life, and nothing is more relevant and natural than a bouquet of spring flowers.

    1.2 What flowers and gifts should I bring for a new baby boy?

    Why would you give flowers to a new born infant, let alone a male who stereotypically has less appreciation for the beauty of flowers? Well, infants clearly have no understanding of the gesture of flowers, they are simply to acknowledge and highlight the achievements of the proud parents.
    Flowers and gifts common for a infant boy include:

    • Funny Clothing: Ultimately, all an infant needs is shelter, food, love and care. The rest is entertainment and pride for the parents. Have a laugh between your friends and family with cute tshirts such as this one.
    • Bath toys: Applicable to both sexes, rubber duckies, boats and anything which floats will have the newborn thrashing away in watery enjoyment once they’re old enough to lift their own heads.
    • Nosegay: Symbolises gallantry – bestow characteristics of nobility, courage, strength and modesty on the newborn. Make sure you let the parents know what the flower represents, or have it written on a card.

    1.3 What flowers and gifts should I bring for a new baby girl?

    If the baby girl is named after a flower, such as ‘Heather’ or ‘Rose’, it’s a pretty simple decision. However with flower names for girls steadily declining over the years, this is becoming more infrequent.
    Flowers and gifts common for a infant girl include:

    • Lillies:Lillies, or more specifically the calla lilly, have incredibly delicate petals and must be handled gently. It is this reason why they are symbols of virtue and chastity, two qualities one would hope their daughter would carry throughout their lives.
    • Snapdragon: A representative of strength of character and ladylike grace.
    • Learning Books & DvDs: Pink booties or a cute tutu are beloved presents, but parents of a newborn girl might be tired after receiving the 6th pair of pink clothing. A book has the value of being reusable for the next lot of children, and donatable after the children have grown up.