Birthday Flowers

Guide to Birthday Gifts & Flowers

1.1 Should I give flowers for his/her birthday?

It can be hard to find a new present year after year for people close to you, such as family. For one year, you can change it up with flowers – they can be a breath of fresh air, let alone pleasant to the nose.

If you’re in a relationship, flowers are traditionally acceptable as a gift, but often accompany something else. For example, if you were buying your partner concert tickets, you might want to glamorise the occasion by ordering a flower arrangement for them.

1.2 Is there a flower I should give for a certain month or day or the year?

Yes, there are birthday flowers and birthmonth flowers. For a list of birthdate flowers, see Wikipedia’s list of birthdate plants. Take note that it is a list of ‘plants’, which features flora such as lemons, mint and nuts.

These flowers are chosen due to the emotions of birthdays they symbolize, such as joy and celebration, along with the seasonality and availability of the flower.

1.3 Is it necessary to get a flower which represents their birthday or month?

Not at all. It’s simply a guideline if you are uncertain which flowers to buy. If you know a flower which the person likes more, it might even be a better option to go with that. And of course, there’s birthday balloons as well – they’re just that extra bit that makes them know you went all out.

You could even get a birthday basket or hamper, which most florists sell as well. If you’re spending the day with the person, this is a great option as you can spend time together going through it and eating the snacks or drinking the wine inside.

1.4 What about birthday flowers for an age landmark?

There are no specific flowers assigned for ages, e.g ‘30th birthday flowers‘ or ‘50th birthday flowers‘. However, many online florists still offer gift packages for these occasions, which features birthday foil balloons and celebratory wine/champagne.