Guide to Love & Romance Gifts & Flowers

  • 1.1 – Are there any flowers best suited for love and romance?
  • 1.2 – Are ‘Love & Romance’ gifts appropriate?
  • 1.3 – Are love letters or romantic poetry too cheesy?
  • 1.1 Are there any flowers best suited for love and romance?

    Love is undoubtedly the most common symbol for most flowers in the world. Listed below are several flowers which you will certainly know represent love, and a couple you may have not heard of.

    • Rose: You don’t need to know anything about flowers to recognise a beautiful red rose as the embodiment of romantic passion and love. A single red rose can be just as romantically persuasive as a dozen or bouquet, and can help obviously if you’re on a budget.
    • Daisy: The simple daisy can be found along roadsides and meadows practically anywhere in the wild, but for larger pristine daisies, turn to your florist. The daisy is a symbol for innocence and loyalty in love.
    • Arum: An interesting bulbous plant which even though is a symbol for intense love, is ironically a completely poisonous plant as well.
    • Lavender: Our favourite long-stemmed purple plant not only has a fragrant scent to adore, but represents devoted love.
    • Marigold: A bright orange and yellow head full of miniature folds and petals, a stunning and intricate flower which symbolizes pretty love and adoration.

    1.2 Are ‘Love & Romance’ gifts appropriate?

    If you find the right gift, a gift or gesture may hold even more romantic power than flowers ever could. Gifts which a florist may or not offer include:

    • Romantic bath package: When’s the last time you and your partner had a romantic bath together, if you even have once? Essential bath oils, scented candles, even some romantic music can all set the mood. Your florist may offer a scented soap and oil package as an extra to go with your order.
    • Gourmet chocolate seduction: Chocolates have been mythical aphrodisiacs for centuries, and whether they are or not, there’s no denying the sensual appeal to sharing some indulgent chocolates together. Practically all florists will provide chocolates as extras, from classy ferrero rocher chocolates to delectable chocolate strawberries.
    • Foreplay books and games: Depending on how open your partner and yourself are, some florists will even offer novelty sex games with props and unique foreplay methods. Lingerie included!

    1.3 Are love letters or romantic poetry too cheesy?

    Some people are saps for romanticism, while others may laugh in embarrassment. If you’re keen on writing a romantic poem or love letter, instead of using clichés and corny metaphors, make it relatable. Make it rhyme and mention funny things and pleasant memories that you share. To increase the passionate effect, place your letter or poem somewhere in the flowers or gifts you’re handing the recipient.