Sympathy Flowers

Guide to I’m Sorry Gifts & Flowers

  • 1.1 – Which flowers are convey apologetic emotions and say I’m sorry?
  • 1.2 – Are there any sort of gifts for saying I’m sorry?
  • 1.3 – Is there anything I can do to increase my changes of forgiveness?
  • 1.1 Which flowers are best suited for someone to I’m Sorry?

    Anybody can go with the failsafe choices of roses or tulips, but you’d be surprised to find some of the symbolic meanings behind flowers and plants you would have never thought appropriate to say ‘I’m sorry’ with. A few include:

    • Raspberry: Yep, the deliciously sweet and sour fruit raspberry. This one’s especially handy if the recipient likes raspberries to eat. An arrangement of raspberries can also look surprisingly red and vibrant.
    • Asphodel: Don’t expect each and every florist to stock these, but if they’re in season, they are highly symbolic of regret. They are a stunning white headed flower with purple/pink markings slightly resemblant of the Lily flower.
    • Hyacinth: Not just any plain hyacinth – purple hyacinths are said to epitomize the emotion of pleading forgiveness.

    1.2 Are there any sort of gifts for saying I’m sorry?

    Florists offer a host of extra goodies, and fortunately for an occasion such as forgiveness, there are plenty of products relevant. For instance, plenty of teddy bears and balloons say ‘I’m Sorry’ on them. Other than what a florist provides, any personal gift you think the recipient will appreciate is a quality ‘I’m sorry gift’.

    1.3 Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of forgiveness?

    Like so many emotional scenarios associated with sending flowers and gifts online, the best way to increase the desired effect is to add personality to it. Instead of a forgiveness flower bouquet with a note saying ‘I’m Sorry’, prepare a sentimental heartfelt note or speech.
    You may be in the real hurt-locker with the recipient, and face to face contact may not be an option for the time being. If this is the case, it’s best you have the flowers delivered to their residence, or give them to a family member/flat mate to pass to them.
    Timing can also be crucial. It may be too overwhelming and stressful to give them before they work. During the evening whilst they’re relaxing and in a leisure mode can be more appropriate.