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Oleria Emporium creates the visual elegance, divine fragrance & warm romantic glow of a candles light using the finest quality materials fused with designer glassware hand-crafted to create unique statement pieces for the perfect finishings to any space and occasion.

Their natural soy candles laced with exquisite aromas soothe the senses, symbolize celebration,
marks romance, define ceremony, accent the home & make delightful gifts.

Each piece is hand-poured with detail & dedication to the craft in their Sydney Northern Beaches studio.

Oleria Emporium Soy Candles contain no chemicals or paraffin which is proven to cause headaches due to toxicity . Only 100% pure  natural wax with cotton wicks in beautiful glass vessels that then relives and holds your jewellery , pot-pourri or tea & spices. 

Their candles are scented throughout the entirety of candle creating alluring aromas for the life of the candle, even without being alight their beautiful fragrance instantly bloom, enveloping a room with aroma that lingers for hours.



Coconut Lime 
The ultimate refresher. A tantalizing fusion of fresh coconut,
zesty lime and invigorating verbena soothed by gentle kiss of luscious vanilla.  
A classic that remains irresistible & still our best seller.
Summer in a candle !

Egyptian Musk
A clean, delicate, rich & woody aroma.
Simply the most beguiling feminine musk blend you will ever experience that creates a sensual mood.

This sacred fruit originally comes from China.
Translated Kumquats means “Good Fortune” and was offered during ceremonies.
These small delights offer a light, fruity sour tang with a fresh sweet citrus twist. Playful and uplifting.

 Pink Pepper
A unique blend of citrus, peppermint leaf & french lavender with a herb & spices of basil & pink pepper,
with a subtle base of jasmine, cedarwood & vanilla.
For the more adventurous amongst us.

Moroccan Spice
Exciting aromas of a hot Moroccan night combined with a rich blend of sticky honey,
nutmeg and bergamot scents.
Woody base tones of agar-wood and sandalwood add earthy depth to reconnect with the lands.

Sweet Pea and Jasmine 
Sweet Pea and white jasmine combine to create the ultimate in floral elegance.
With the delicate additions of watermelon and cucumber this uplifting fragrance is perfectly balanced.

Kaffir Lime and Sandalwood 
A rich warmth of sandalwood blended with hints of patchouli combined with fresh zesty lime peel,
sweet citrus orange and spiced amber. Mens choice awarded & The Candle Ladies personal favourite.

 French Pear 
The essence of a crisp, tree-ripened pear slowly cooked with cinnamon & wine, captured with hints of cranberries & nutmeg.
This scent is sophisticated, juicy and meltingly smooth.

Bulgarian Rose
Warm, floral & elegant fragrance with honey notes, traditionally from the Middle East.
Bulgarian Rosa Damascena is classically fine fragrance from Nannas rose garden.

Bordeaux Candle
Velvety smooth, rich and decadent, a delicious blend of Vanilla,
Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate with seductive tones of spicy red wine.
Vanilla lovers favourite.